about us

”Darurile Basarabiei„ SRL, ”MIORITA” brand, is a company specialising in apple production, storage and sale. It was founded in 2010 due to a desire to create a national trademark that would represent the fruit industry—a trademark that would be based on respect for consumers.

Local.          Fresh.        Aromatic.

Our superintensive 26-hectare orchard is equipped with up-to-date technologies: a drip irrigation system with electronic control of soil humidity; an anti-hail system; a spring frost protection system and a product traceability system. We produce 10 premium apple varieties, including club varieties and varieties demanded by consumers, which were chosen due to their profiles, flavours and exceptional taste.

Our post-harvest infrastructure includes 2,400-tonne refrigerated warehouse space with dynamic atmosphere control. We also utilize a sorting line that can process 6 tonnes of fruit per hour according to weight, diameter, colour and visual defects.

Our products adhere to the highest international quality and safety standards. We are certified and comply with GLOBALG.A.P. and ISO 22000 standards.


About Our Team

Our strength lies in the collective talents of our team. We combine our years of experience to provide excellent customer service while supplying outstanding quality fresh fruit.

Local.          Fresh.        Aromatic.

We will be glad to answer any questions about ”Darurile Basarabiei„ SRL, ”MIORITA” brand.

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